Kid Hookers A Thriving New American Employment Sector, State Dept Report Shows

Great news! Our trade imbalance with other nations may be ever-widening, but demand for one American export is on the rise: our child sex slaves! A new State Department survey puts our fair nation in company with Jamaica, Japan, and the Netherlands which means our sex trafficking business is booming as if we were dirt poor and wholly lacking any industry not dependent on pleasing drunk tourists, or really rich and colossally repressed, or already known as the world's whore capital in the first place. So what's to credit? Have those high gas prices slimmed down our young mall prostitutes? Nah. According to the study:

U.S. pop culture glamorizes pimping and prostitution, reducing the moral barriers to accessing commercial sex without regard to the origin or condition of the trafficked women and children.


Oh, duh. Ha ha, the entertainment industry. Such a teeny tiny sector of the nation's economy, such a powerful vacuum on the brains of its future leaders.

New Investigative Research Shows Growing Demand For American Youth In Sex Trafficking And Sex Tourism Markets [PR Newswire]


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