Kid-Crazy Jolie-Pitts Defy European Mathematicians

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  • Austrian researchers have apparently quantified the age difference that results in the most kids, saying that women should find a mate who is 4 years older, while men should look for one 6 years younger. Um, somehow this math isn't making sense to us, but hey, Brad and Angie seem to have figured out a more logical equation — 11.5 year difference + foreign adoptions = one ever-expanding brood! [Reuters]
  • Women who cradle a baby on their right arm are more likely to suffer from depression, according to a recent study. We were going to write this off as total crap, but then we realized that when we babysat an 8-month-old on Monday night we held him on our right arm and oh my god, someone remind us to refill our Lexapro prescription. [Daily Mail]
  • Remember the sleep walking rapist from a few weeks ago? Yeah, well, he was acquitted by a jury filled with idiots, because apparently forcing someone to have sex against their consent isn't rape if you're dreaming while you do it. [ABC News]
  • We're not exactly sure where Episcopalian falls on the Christianity tree, but if we weren't such God-taunting sinners we might consider converting, considering that a lesbian priest is up for the job of Bishop. [CNN]
  • Speaking of doctors, the New Jersey perv who sexually assaulted 10 of his patients may face even more charges that he abused other women. He denies the charges and one of his defenders says, "He's a born-again Christian!" Dude, that won't hold up in court. [NY Times]
  • A Missouri judge blocked a new abortion law that would have lead to the shuttering of two major Planned Parenthood clinics — the law would have put more abortion clinics under state supervision, requiring them to meet certain health, safety, and staffing standards. Planned Parenthood argued that the law would have forced them to close down clinics in order to meet unnecessary guidelines. [Forbes]
  • Hypnosis supposedly helps relieve some of the pain for breast cancer patients post-masectomy/lumpectomy surgeries. Of course, painkillers and anethesia help a little too. [CBS News]

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@ANDALUCIA: You raise an interesting point, IF the purpose of our penal system is primarily the protection of innocent people. The language we use ("correctional facility" and "penitentiary") suggests, however, that the purpose is to reform criminals (which might be consistent with public safety). On the other hand, we seem to also want the penal system to be about "justice," or else we wouldn't be executing people. Or maybe we're making it all a "deterrent." Or just a vague "punishment," as in the case of rapists we release fully aware that they're "likely to reoffend" (which, in a system where public safety were paramount, would never happen). If we were more clear on what the point of it all should be, then I think deciding on appropriate jail terms/whatever might be a little less gray and nebulous. Obviously this jury didn't think/wasn't told their primary goal was to get someone dangerous off the street.