This is Ethan and he's been begging for a sibling since he was two years old. And this year, he's being surprised with the news that yes, Santa is bringing him a baby brother and oh y god he is going to need a moment. He's going to need ten moments. You guys, the club can't even handle this kid right now.


Ethan doesn't know why he's being recorded — has he not been to the internet before? — but he's pretty excited to open the card and learn that he's about to be a big brother. Of course Ethan doesn't yet know that babies are loud and take up a lot of attention and that you may accidentally try to kill them by reenacting surgeries you've had on them with a piece of tape and a button (no experience), but for the moment let's let him have his happiness because this kid is so fucking ecstatic right now. Look at him clap his hands over his eyes. Look at him well up with tears. I bet Ethan's walking on air right now. He's standing upon legs of fire! Best of luck with the behbeh!

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