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On an ordinary day, you wouldn’t ask Khloe Kardashian about politics during an interview because she doesn’t ordinarily discuss her political views in public. Questions about waist trainers? Go for it. Questions about organizing her closet? You could talk for hours. But last week, in a post on her paywalled blog, she wrote:

“No matter what candidate you support for the next presidential election, you have to admit that it’s fucking AWESOME that a woman is up for the job!!! Hillary Clinton deserves a big ‘DAAAAAAAMN, Gina!’ for being the first to get this close. So dope.”


And with that public comment, Khloe unlocked political questions from the interview menu, and Ashley Weatherford of The Cut was ready to take advantage of the new topic. Her interview with Khloe, published today, is all about beauty routines until it suddenly isn’t.

Weatherford: To change gears a little bit, we just had Super Tuesday ...

Kardashian: What’s that?

The primary elections ...

Kardashian: Okay, got it.

[Khloe’s publicist: I thought that was a sale!]

Kardashian: Right that’s what I thought! I was like, where are you going with this?


If a sale on items you’re interested in buying occurs the day after Monday, I suppose it’s technically a super Tuesday. Depending on the item, it might even be a tremendous Tuesday! But Weatherford wasn’t talking about discounts, she was talking about the primaries.

Weatherford: Well, Kim has been very vocal about supporting Hillary this election season. Would you like to share whom you support?

Kardashian: I don’t like saying that stuff because you get criticism no matter what. Kim is very open, but that’s just Kim. It’s probably the one thing I have opened my mouth about before and I’m just like, Why the fuck do I care to be in a fight with these other people, yelling at me about Republicans or Democrats? With politics I’ve learned to keep my opinions to myself, for once in my life. It’s not that I would never talk about it, but it’s that nobody cares about what I have to say about that. It’s not going to sway anybody in any direction, and if so, they’re probably young kids that should do their own research about who they want to vote for.

Though it’s hard to say you keep your political opinions to yourself the week after you blog about how “fucking awesome” Hillary Clinton is, that’s actually a great answer. Looks like Khloe’s having a super Wednesday!

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