Khloe Kardashian Emerges From Shadow Cast By Kim's Magnificent Ass, Gets Own Storyline

We are so psyched that E! picked up Keeping Up With the Kardashians for another season, because it's totally the sleeper hit of quasi-celebrity-based reality shows. When we first learned of its existence, we were like, "Oh please, why the hell are they worth following?" Now we're like, "Oh please, give us more!" Previously, the show had focused on Kim's sex-drenched "career," and the impact it was seemingly having on her little sisters. But last night's episode was all about Khloe, and how she wasn't dealing very well with the anniversary of her father's death of cancer four years ago. (Lest we forget, Robert Kardashian is one of the men responsible for getting O.J. Simpson off on those murder charges, and he also maybe served as his coke dealer.) Anyway, Khloe turned to booze, then got in her car, then got pulled over, then went to jail. Mom Kris picked her up upon her release the next morning, wearing a Harajuku Lovers tracksuit...

What was weird was that a disclaimer ran before the episode, letting us know that some portions were reenacted, which was oddly honest.


Which parts were reenacted? The entire sobriety test? The entire ride home? The entire fucking thing? And if so, how ridiculous/awesome is this family for going along with reenacting painful and embarrassing moments for the sake of good television?

The other thing that's weird is that Khloe occasionally will look stunning:

And other times will look like the wrestler Chyna:

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