On the latest Miss Rap Supreme, veteran rapper Khia — who had the the gold-selling single "My Neck, My Back" — was disqualified from the show because it was discovered that she'd been rapping material she'd previously written, recorded, and released in the challenges and elimination rounds. (The rules specify that lyrics need to be original material written that day.) Khia isn't that upset about it, saying that she didn't enter the competition to win, but for "the opportunity to promote my muthafuckin' self on muthafuckin' TV." She talks tons of shit on her opponents, MC Serch, and the viewers, who she essentially calls retarded by saying, "Some of y'all still hooked on phonics and y'all still don't get it. That little short bus going by outside your house?" Then she cackled maniacally. Clip above.

Khia Snaps About Vh1 Miss Rap Supreme [YouTube via Nah Right]