KFC Serves Customer a Deep-Fried Blue Towel

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A KFC in Newcastle, England apparently served a mother and her step-son a deep-fried blue hygienic hand towel. No, seriously, this happened.


When Krystal Henderson's step-son Oliver bit into his four-piece chicken, he thought it was unusually hard. That's not surprising when you consider he'd just tried to eat a deep-fried hand towel. There is a picture through that link and...well...wow. Just...wow.

When Henderson came back in crying, because holy shit, her son might've just inadvertently put something that was used to clean the goddamn floor in his mouth, the KFC employees told her she had to contact customer service — which was apparently incredibly unresponsive. I suppose at least it's reassuring to know customer service centers suck on that side of the pond just as much as they do over here. Stay off that submit button, people automatically assuming this is fake* despite the photographic evidence: the company did an internal investigation and found that, yes, this totally happened. Whoops. KFC ultimately offered Henderson an apology, a refund, and a free meal, which...um...no. No thank you.

Henderson apparently agrees with that sentiment, as she says the experience has put her and Oliver off KFC for life, which is a pretty standard reaction to eating at a KFC, but still. The poor kid also basically lost his appetite for the rest of the week, which normally only happens when someone orders the Double Down. The company seems unsure whether the towel was used or clean, although the fact that it was scrunched up before being subjected to the Colonel's special recipe certainly lends the suggestion to it being less than fresh. Luckily, Oliver doesn't seem to have gotten sick from the incident, but that's still terrifying for everyone involved.

*Also, fuck anyone who is about to leave a "THIS IS FAKE" comment anyway. You know someone still will.

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