American beach volleyball stars Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor won gold in Athens and are expected to dominate again in Beijing. Apparently, though, their quest for gold is nothing compared to the gold on Walsh's finger. Let me explain: Walsh lost her wedding ring during a match against Japan on Sunday. It was eventually recovered, but in last night's win over Cuba, the announcers could not stop fucking talking about the stupid ring. I saw at least four promos for the "ring story", and there were several mentions of it during the match. I pretty much agree with Intern Margaret's assessment of the coverage. "I can't decide if the announcers are sexist or just bored," she said. "At 9 there was a five minute clip about what Michael Phelps likes to eat which concluded with a list of what he had for breakfast." Above is a clip of Bob Costas discussing the ring lossage, and after the jump is a second clip covering ring-gate.