Kendra: Topless Indoor Skydiving

Kendra Wilkinson is really into sports. But — while having a girls' weekend in Vegas on last night's episode — she decided she needed a break from handling balls, and tried something more extreme: topless indoor skydiving.

Kendra, who became one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends at 18, recently married Hank Baskett, and the two are expecting a child. Kendra says that she plans on being a strict Christian mother after she recently found God. We wonder if she found him in the skydiving room.


Kendra Wilkinson Plans To Be Strict Christian Mother [FoxNews]



I dig Kendra, don't get me wrong. And sometimes I wonder if she's a lot smarter than me when it comes to what the world wants, but it makes me sad that she seems to feel that unless she's doing something topless or naked, it has no value or importance, that it will garner her no attention.

It must be depressing to feel like the most "valuable" thing about you are the breasts you purchased. And it must be truly scary to think about the future, when you recognize that at some point, those won't look like that....

Or maybe, like always, JerseyGrrrl's being naive.