Kendra: Inaccurately Co-opting Urban Slang

Kendra Wilkinson has made it known that she loves hip hop, pimp cups, and grills. Rapper Too $hort visited her new home, and she said she wanted to get "hifey" that evening. She defined "hifey" as a dance. She's wrong.

Too $hort's girlfriend-ish lady friend got on Kendra's stripper pole to show what she can do. She rolled around half-naked on the tile that surely was covered with hair, as Too $hort was in the middle of getting a trim. I love that Kendra's dog sniffed the lady's armpit.

Illustration for article titled iKendra/i: Inaccurately Co-opting Urban Slang

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ


Oh, dear.

This would be bad even if inaccurate co-optation of urban slang were not a phenomenon approximately the same number of years old as Incan civilization.