Kendra Has A Baby

Last night's two-hour Kendra showed the weeks leading up to the reality star's birth of her son Hank Baskett IV. Kendra seemed squeamish, unsure, and gassy in the last few days of her pregnancy, feelings the audience shared watching it.

Now that she's a wife and mother, there were some tweaks made to Kendra's theme song. (Instead of "You're on your own now," it's "You're not alone now.")

I really love that she uses it as her ring tone.

Kendra's reluctance to remove the gizzard from the Thanksgiving turkey foreshadowed her impending labor. (Also, I love that she refers to surgical masks as "SARS masks.")

After being induced and suffering through labor for over 24 hours, Kendra's doctor finally decided to give her a C-section. What's terrifying to me is that she's screaming "Ouch! Ouch!" Why is it still hurting!?

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Wellllll babies are nice I guess but, personally, I feel like creating an "In Memoriam" montage of Kendra’s bygone days of poll dancing, flashing her silicone boobs, wearing grills, driving escadales, hanging out with rappers, making inappropriate jokes to her 80-year-old BF, etc, etc, etc. RIP, Fun Kendra :(