Kendall Jenner Takes a Jaunt to Spain With Dolce & Gabbana

For the past few seasons, noted tax evaders Dolce & Gabbana have been touring around Olde Europe for inspiration, sometimes to beautiful effect, sometimes to racist disaster. They've already Carmen Sandiego'd their way around Italia, Sicily, France, Greece and London, so this time around they took a little trip to Spain with cascading skirts, bolero jackets, and their recurring motif of the flaming heart of Jesus, in case the blood-red palette was not dramatic enough for you.


Super-orthodox Catholicism, and its imagery, is heavy in the D&G Euro collections, and this time around they used milagro charms as beading, throwing back to Iberia while paying homage to México, too. The embroidery and lacework were beautiful, as ever, although taken as a whole their view of ancient Europe is a bit too romantic to be totally comfortable. But if you wanna feel like some kind of 17th Century colonial princess, get into it.

Speaking of princesses: the beleaguered Kendall Formerly Known As Jenner reaped some prime placement in the show, neither opening (Irina Sharipova) nor closing (Ondria Hardin), but beaming along in second row for the finale en masse. "Dolce & Gabanna finale. front and center," she Insta'd. "#SQUAD." And a Jenner rides again.


Images via AP

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