Kendall Jenner Almost Got Hit by Her Own Car in Milan

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A Kardashian/Jenner in an incident involving a totaled car is a dime a dozen nowadays, and it looks like the latest member of the infamous reality TV brood to make headlines for a vehicular cock-up is Kendall.


According to TMZ, Jenner was heading back to her hotel after a Versace show in Milan when her driver exited her vehicle to let her out—without putting the car in park first. Unaware of this, Kendall also opened the door, and subsequently almost got hit by her own car door. Fortunately, a) no one was hurt, and b) there is officially a story to talk about on a more or less gossip-less Oscars Sunday.

The thing is: why the hell did Kendall’s driver consciously get out of a moving vehicle? [TMZ]


The 2016 Academy Awards are finally upon us, which sadly means this is the last day to speculate what weird good luck rituals Leonardo DiCaprio has been doing to secure his long-awaited Oscar. Has he been wearing the same pair of lucky socks for 365 days? Selling his soul to Satan? Rubbing Martin Scorcese’s bald pate every night before bed?

Apparently it’s all for shit anyway, because according to actor Brendan Fletcher, one of Leo’s co-stars in The Revenant, Dicaprio has indubitably fucked up his chances by jinxing himself in the worst way possible.

According to Fletcher, DiCaprio is already the proud owner of an Oscar—the one given to Marlon Brando way back in the day for his performance in On the Waterfront. This might be considered a huge no-no if you’re gunning for a statue of a tiny man made out of gold. Fletcher equated touching an Academy award before you win one to touching the Stanley Cup; as per hockey/Canadian lore, if you do, you’ll never nab it.


Or, as Fletcher also put it: “If you touch the Oscar, maybe it’s, like, hard to win.”

Regardless of whether DiCaprio takes home an award, one thing is for certain: whoever wins for Best Actor will most definitely be white. [TMZ]


Mya Taylor, the star of the indie urban comedy Tangerine, has become the first transgender actress in the history of American film to win a major award for her performance.


Taylor, who scored an Independent Spirit award for best supporting actress, dished on what the monumental win meant to her, and discussed her struggle in getting cast in parts as a trans actress prior to her role in Tangerine.

“What it means to have this trophy in my hand? When I look at acting, I don’t look at the money or the fame or anything like that,” Taylor said during a post-show press conference. “I went through a very, very hard struggle and for me, I just feel like when I do stuff like this, I have to let other people know.”

“You can do whatever you put your mind to,” she added. “The struggle was real for me, and I got out of it.” [People]


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