Kelsey Grammer Declared His Anti-Abortion Views By Wearing an Ugly T-Shirt

Kelsey Grammer, former Frasier and current bore, was recently photographed by his fourth wife while wearing a shirt distributed by Abort73, a self-proclaimed “educational website that is working to protect children from abortion.” The shirt features a handgun beside text that reads “WOULD IT BOTHER US MORE IF THEY USED GUNS?”

Well, to answer your question, Kelsey’s ugly T-shirt: yes, it would bother us more! Mainly because guns aren’t generally used by doctors for medical procedures. When imagining a doctor hovering over their patient, you picture them saying, “Scalpel,” not, “Semi-automatic pistol.”


Though it may be surprising to see Grammer being so open about his anti-abortion views, it shouldn’t be.

Reports Mediaite:

The actor has repeatedly discussed his conservative political views in countless interviews. They don’t always match exactly with what mainstream Republicans would like the GOP to stand for, but that hasn’t stopped Grammer from identifying himself as a conservative.


In a 2010 profile, New York Magazine described him as a “fervent conservative.” At the time, he identified as pro-choice, though he said he did not “advocate for abortion.” For that piece, he didn’t wear an ugly T-shirt, but rather an adorable pink boa.

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