Not gonna lie: when I think of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, neither Kelis nor her songs ever cross my mind. But all that has changed now. When Sriram Hathwar was asked to spell "Feijoada," (which I learned was a Brazilian stew-type dish) he asked for the word to be used in a sentence. Pretty typical. But pronouncer Dr. Jacques Bailly had other plans, namely plans to drop the greatest pop culture reference in Scripps history. Whatever, Bailly is the 1980 Spelling Bee champion, so he's definitely earned the right to reference the esteemed Kelis whenever he goddamn pleases.

You gotta love the voice of the lady who was clearly (though inexplicably) unimpressed telling Bailly to stop, as well as the total oblivion that sweeps across Sriram's face. Yep. He has no idea what's going on or why people are laughing at a milkshake. Or what that has to do with the damn feijoada. (Also, bonus-love for South Asian people—that fading dot of kumkum on Sriram's forehead. You know his mama put that on there and made him pray, maybe light a lamp, before sending him out the door).