QVC is getting a little undeserved hateration for selling this "facial exerciser" which is supposed to work like a Thighmaster for your saggy jowls (unless we're reading too literally into it, and, like a "back massager", it actually has an ulterior oral-sex related use, like Kegels for your gag-reflex or something). Anyway — and this is going to sound very Glamour of us — but watching this video is a reminder of how fucking stoked we are to have laugh lines. To steal a line from QVC's Sandra Bennett, you are "never too old" for certain things. Like YouTube. Or, for that matter, Tenacious D. And lighting farts on fire. Did we mention earlier we love Fridays?

Infomercial For Mouth Gadget That's Supposed To Eliminate Wrinkles [BoingBoing]


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