Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Khloe Getting Married

Last night's two-hour-long season premiere featured the planning and execution of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's wedding. Khloe's sister Kim seemed to take the news of the engagement the hardest, mostly because she was sad she wasn't getting married.

Khloe's mom Kris took on the planning of the event and, in the process, tried to influence Khloe to opt for a color scheme that was more flattering to herself; decided that the meal would be steak (which Khloe doesn't eat); and dominated the wedding registry with her own selections, including silverware priced at $750 per setting, which, Khloe pointed out, her friends would never be able to afford.

Bruce Jenner, Khloe's stepdad, wasn't very enthusiastic about the engagement when he first learned about it (on the evening news), but came around eventually. He gave a really touching toast at the rehearsal dinner, and teared up when discussing the promise he made to Khloe's late father.

Kim managed to get over herself and decided that she was going to support Khloe, but there still seemed to be a bit of tension there.

All was forgiven, though, when Khloe basically handed the bouquet toss to Kim.


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You know I was pretty upset* when my baby brother announced that he was getting married shortly after my ex and I broke up, so while I guess I understand how Kim feels, she is sure being obnoxious about it. However, Khloe's brother seems pretty awesome, so I guess it evens itself out, right?

*Yes, I am a horrible person. #keepingupwiththekardashiansthe...