So old Heather Mills is gonna get $98 million, for sleeping with Paul McCartney for a few years.

Lucky cow. We'd have charged waaaaaay less. But then, you know, she does only have one leg, which can't be all that fun. But then again, if you're going to only have one leg, it's not going to be nearly as bad if you have £98 million, compared to all those legless orphans in all those foreign places that all those celebrities visit and wander around wearing those funny little hats, pretending they care. Only they never adopt the legless ones, do they? Except maybe Mia Farrow.

And then of course, we started thinking, would we cut our own leg off, if someone promised us $98 million.

Tough one, that.

[ Poor, poor Heather Mills, our hearts really bleed for her, no really.... ]