Keep Up With The Kardashians!

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  • Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are auctioning some stuff, including a Gucci tote, a Dior purse and an Herve Leger dress. A percentage goes to the Dream Foundation, which grants wishes to terminally-ill adults — but the price is high: As People ominously puts it, "Now you can look as good as Kim, Khloe and Kourtney." [People]
  • Capitalizing on the key fashionista/teenage boy demographic, Nintendo introduces POP CUTIE!, the "street-style" video game that lets you make like the sartorialist from your own home. "Players will buzz through virtual streets in Tokyo, New York, and Paris picking out their favorite 'trends.'" An insidious plan to force fashion types to put on weight?! [fashionista]
  • Finally women's education gets some serious funding: Victoria's Secret goes to college! "VS Pink Collegiate Collection," which cobrands with universities across the country, will carry sweatpants, hoodies, panties, T-shirts and totes and will retail in campus bookstores. [WWD]
  • "Kooky" Donna Karan loves astrology, "berry juice." [Telegraph]
  • Midwestern retailers 'flooded' by record rainfall. [WWD]
  • America's FIRST TOPSHOP reveals fall line! [New York Magazine]
  • Designer "borrowing" for the rest of us: the latest thing? (And I do mean borrowing. The quotes don't denote theft in this case.) [WWD]
  • Cute, pricey "pin-up" safety pins coordinate with your clothes. [fabsugar]
  • The headline "Agyness To Move To Women" made this sound juicier than it is, but still apparently no small potatoes: is she following a booker to a new agency? "A source just spilled that Agyness is leaving DNA — home to Natalia, Snejana, Raquel and Doutzen, among others — and headed over to Women — home to Carmen Kass, Jourdan Dunn, Heather Marks and Isabeli Fontana, among more." [fashionista]
  • Nyakio Grieco expands her scent line. [WWD]
  • The problem that dare not speak its name: Fixes for "stinky summer feet." [fabsugar]
  • Diesel launches jewelry line. Europeans, 2002, cheer. [WWD]
  • Elle Macpherson's "bedroom secrets" apparently not secret: She reveals all in a new memoir. []
  • Wal-Mart attempting image turnaround. Perhaps they should consult with Britney? [WWD]



@PinkSoxHat: You didn't go to BU did you? Because you KNOW those girls will be all over this ish. I've never seen more Juicy sweatsuits and Uggs in my life than during my time there and the later years living in Allston... blech.