Keep A Child Alive's 6th Annual Black Ball, hosted by Alicia Keys and Padma Lakshmi at NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom, was BIG. Like, Halle-Iman-Kerry-Estelle-John-Mayer-plus-serious-clothes Big. I mean, how you gonna help keep children safe and sound in second-rate duds?

There are only three words to describe Padma Lakshmi: red hot mama.

As you know, I find this whole random-peekaboo trend rather tiresome. But man is Halle working it!


And speaking of which: who could work this good-witch fantasia like Iman?


Gotta say it: on occasiona, Grenier cleans up well. And I mean "cleans up" literally.

Hey, Mary J never said she cared about keeping a a reptile alive!


Gayle King: apparently highly influenced by that 'Mad Men'-themed Oprah! What say you?

Luck be a lady tonight.


Estelle takes the whole "Rescue" element literally and channels a sinister leather-clad girl scout.

Love Kerry Washington, love "Ascot Gavotte" - so what's not to adore?

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