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Ke$ha's Mom Will Join Her in Rehab

Illustration for article titled Ke$has Mom Will Join Her in Rehab

Ke$ha's rehab stint just became the setup for a new HBO drama: the singer, who checked into Timberline Knolls last weekend for an eating disorder, will soon be joined by her mother.


According to People, Pebe Sebert said she'll be going to rehab at her daughter's urging, citing "post-traumatic stress disorder." You might remember that Sebert was very vocal about her daughter's bulimia after news broke of Ke$ha's stint in rehab, blaming super producer Dr. Luke for Ke$ha's body image issues. Sebert further explained that Dr. Luke's intense criticism of Ke$ha's body put whole lot of stress on the family: "This whole Dr. Luke thing has almost torn our family apart and taken over my life, and Ke$ha wants me to heal along with her."


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Violet Baudelaire

I feel like it's a really natural reaction once you start getting help to turn around and see similar patterns or issues that other loved ones in your life may have, and want to encourage them to get help too.

But I don't think it's probably a recommended idea to see that help together (at least not at first, and not as the main method)

Either way, I'm not a licensed therapist nor do I know them, but I hope both she and her mom get the help they need and get better!