Former military construction contractor Tracy Barker was raped in Iraq in 2005 while on the job. Barker went through arbitration and won a settlement, but her former employer, Kellogg Brown & Root, is still trying to screw her over.

KBR has released a typically douchey statement:

"However, the decision validates what KBR has maintained all along; that the arbitration process is truly neutral and works in the best interest of the parties involved."

However, their actions tell a different story. Unlike Jamie Leigh Jones, (who won the right to take her lawsuit to court), Barker's claim was kicked back to arbitration. Now that the settlement is in Barker's favor, KBR is still trying to fight their own system:

Barker said she was upset KBR is trying to modify the award.

"They are still dragging it out," she said. "They didn't win and now they want to amend the award. You can't with binding arbitration. How is that fair?"


(Image via ABC News)

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