It is not unusual for jewelry stores to push diamond rings and necklaces as "the perfect holiday gift." It is unusual, however, for said jewelry stores to set their romantic holiday ad in the middle of a horror movie.

To push their "Love's Embrace" collection, Kay has decided that true love is best represented by a man who appears to be a psychopath and his ridiculously co-dependent girlfriend. I'd blame Twilight for this mess, but honestly, Twilight looks like a romantic comedy filled with healthy relationships compared to the scene that unfolds in the Kay Cabin of Doom. I'm pretty sure we're supposed to find this commercial incredibly romantic and dreamy, but jiminy crickets, is that guy's voice the creepiest voice of all time or what? When he says, "I'm right here...and I always will be," my instinct is to yell "Run, you idiot, run!!! Every kill begins with Kay!!!" The woman, however, swept away by her stupid pendant, instead chooses to embrace the man and say, "Don't let go...ever." Ah, creepy, creepy co-dependent psychopathic cabin love. Isn't that what the season is all about?