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Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who won't be seeking reelection for anyone who thought the Republican Senator would be putting her seat in jeopardy, doesn't think the Republicans should build their party platform around abortion, seeing as how Roe v. Wade happened way back and the 70s and we should all be moving on with our lives. Hutchison told CNN's State of the Union, which is a show hosted ironically by a sanctimonious strip of Velcro, that Republicans are making a fatal error by letting their party calcify around an issue that's so divisive and personal:

Mothers and daughters can disagree on abortion, and we shouldn't put a party around an issue that is so personal and also, religious-based. I think we need to say, "Here are our principals, and we welcome you as a Republican. We can disagree on any number of issues, but if you want to be a Republican, we welcome you."


Just to be clear, Hutchison reaffirmed that she considers herself pro-choice (even though she's voted to restrict abortion rights in certain instances), and that "a lot of people" associated with the GOP, not just her, think the party's stance on abortion has become too rigid and unyielding, because you're not a real Republican until someone mistakes you for a plank of un-varnished timber.

Hutchinson: GOP shouldn't build party around abortion [Politico]


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