Katy Perry has decided that Twitter needs to be an emo-free zone, as "there r too many people that emo twitter! I can't read them anymore! I throw up a lil in me mouf!" Among her targets? Miley Cyrus.

"NO MORE EMO TWITTERS! @mileycyrus: I cry everytime and IT'S because of YOU."

Perry posted, after bitching about the level of emo-ness that seems to sweep through a great deal of the Twitter population. While I suspect that Perry was gently ribbing her friend (who the hell knows) her mission to de-emo Twitter has caught as only dumb internet quickly-fading trends are prone to do: #nomoreemotwitters is currently one of the platform's Trending Topics.

Naturally, the Emos are NOT amused, crew:

Holagurrl97 #NOMOREEMOTWITTERS if people want to be emo let them

soseedie fuck off no more emo twitters! ppl can hate on emo, but emo is the force fighting against a world full of douchebags! *tear* :D

elizabeth468 why is no more emo twitters on the trending topics? lol there's nothing wrong with emos :(


I was not aware that "Emo" was a race, but you learn something new everyday, I guess:

dorottyahungary No more emo twitters? I think it's a kind of rascim bcs everyone writes what wants....If you don't want then don't watch them! =)

SelemiNews I hate the No More Emo Twitters Trending Topic -.- racists! everybody can be however they want, i respect emos though :D<


Don't like the Emo, Katy Perry? Don't follow them! They're people, too, dammit!

AshleePerry1 No more emo twitters WTH? Everyone has the right to tweet, No matter what emotional disposition they have. Dont like? Don't follow. Simple.

EmmaZombie No more emo twitters? Ya'll can fuck off the emo kids. They're people too.


This one is my favorite:

elizabeth468 so many people saying "no more emo twitters" makes me feel emo :(

Me too, Elizabeth468! Stop trying to hold us back from our emotions, you heartless automatons! And now my 19-year-old self from many years ago is going to listen to Saves the Day's "Through Being Cool" and cry that Eben and everyone else but Chris has left the band. You can't stop me, fools, for my heart has already stopped on its own. Take that, Katy Perry!


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