Katy Perry Misses Booze

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Katy Perry can’t drink because she’s pregnant, and she misses it. Yeah dude, I would too. Here she is wistfully listing off the various types of alcohols, none of which she can enjoy.

I know how she feels, because when I did ayahuasca several years ago I couldn’t have pork, coffee or alcohol for a week leading up to it. I found these dietary restrictions so distressing (particularly the coffee) that six days in I freaked out and ate a strip of bacon, then really freaked out because there had to be a reason I wasn’t supposed to eat it, right? The ayahuasca was both the most terrifying (and, briefly, magical) experience of my life. Was it terrifying because of the bacon? I’ll never know, because I am never doing it again.


Anyway, my point is, I know exactly how she feels. [Page Six]

This is a nice thing to do, but does it seem as though someone wasn’t totally sure how to spell “hunger,” paused to look it up and ended up separating the word in half? Hun Ger.

Hun Ger.



Okay I’m done. [Page Six]

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Her hands are still different color than her face.