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Katy Perry and John Mayer Are Planning Their Wedding (The Theme Is 'Great Ideas Throughout History')

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Okay, sure! Why not, kids!? WHY THE FERK NOT. To be fair, I've long thought that Katy Perry and John Mayer are a preternaturally perfect pair—they both seem to relish being flighty and young and ridiculous in the same unselfconscious way. I actually don't mind either of them half as much as I'm supposed to. (Don't you guys think that Mayer might just be COLLOSSALY KIDDING literally all the time?) So anyway, go for it. Get married and die of old age in each others' arms. The ghost of Harvey Levin will go BERSERK.

It is believed they would like to tie the knot near to where Katy grew up in Santa Barbara, and want the nuptials to be a low-key affair.

"Katy and John want to have a really intimate traditional ceremony with only their closest friends and family. They're both from fairly traditional families and don't want a big party," a source told British magazine Grazia. "They had so much fun when they visited her hometown that Katy and John have both agreed it would make sense to do it there. They loved San Ysidro because it's so private and peaceful with amazing scenery."

Katy – who was previously married to British comic Russell Brand - proudly showed off her impressive new piece of jewellery last week as the couple left an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. It is believed John went shopping himself to choose the one-of-a-kind ruby ring.

Their cake will be in the shape of the Hindenberg and the officiant will be a wax figure of that guy who jumped off the Eiffel Tower with cloth wings stuck on his jacket. [Yahoo!]


Sources close to Mindy McCready say that the singer likely shot her dog out of love, not malice:

We're told that prior to her boyfriend's death, things were looking up for the problem-plagued star who had started to work on new music and was very much "in love" with Wilson.

"She didn't really have a support network and coming home to an empty house seems to be what really did it," the source continued. "It is tragic. She was a sweet and kind girl at heart."

However, since her death much has been made over revelations that McCready shot her dog before allegedly turning the gun on herself.

"Mindy really loved her dog and that would not have been an act of malice at all," the pal insisted. "It would have been more of a case where she just didn't want to leave the dog alone."


In other news, everything about this story continues to be very, very sad. [FOX]


Kate Middleton visited a women's recovery center and chatted with the residents about her pregnancy.

Sitting at a table with women taking part in an art therapy class, the Duchess, 31, was asked by a recovering alcoholic, Lisa, about her pregnancy.

"I asked her if she was nervous about having a child and she said it would be unnatural if she wasn't," said the 34-year-old mother of three. "It's just human, isn't it?

"I told her congratulations and good luck, hope it goes OK, and she smiled. It was nice, she just chatted to us."
A former drug and alcohol addict, Natalie, 28, told the Duchess about her own pregnancy.

"I told her I'm expecting a baby at about the same time as her," said Natalie, whose baby is due on July 26. "She was saying she had been unwell but she was feeling better now and I have been about the same."


Sniff. Something in my eye, etc. [Telegraph]

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