Katrina Revisited

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Spike Lee may be making another film about Katrina. Lee directed the HBO miniseries When The Levees Broke about the hurricane — and the aftermath in New Orleans — but he says he's interested in revisiting the area and focusing on other parts of the Gulf Coast that were affected. Lee says his new film's focus would be on "the mental state—suicide, self-medication," an aspect of the disaster that he criticizes the media for ignoring. Lee also spilled the beans about possibly doing a scripted post-Katrina New Orleans movie with The Wire creator David Simon. We'll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for more info! [Reuters]


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- Didn't Spike also contribute to the documentary Children of the Storm? He gave kids who were affected by Katrina filmmaking equipment so that they could record their lives themselves. It was truly heartwrenching.

- On another note, if he chooses to focus on a different part of the Gulf Coast, I hope he focuses on Mississippi. The destruction was just as wide-spread and devastating, but with much less media attention.