Katie On Letterman: H Is For Holmes, Hairlips, & Humorlessness

Is Katie Holmes a somewhat humorless hottie or does she just play one on TV? The severely-bobbed actress and probable Scientologist turned up on The Late Show With David Letterman last night, where she spent two minutes ignoring the piece of hair stuck in her lip gloss and another five deflecting most of David's questions with questions of her own. Although Dave didn't get much out of Katie regarding Tom and Suri, she did offer that her 20-month-old, "strong woman" daughter is "already a wonderful artist" and that she'd have absolutely no problem if she wanted to become an actress. Then, she not-so-politely reminded Dave that it was time for him to get to the real point of her appearance, i.e. a plug for her movie. See it for yourselves, above.


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I saw her on something yesterday, I think Regis & Kelly (snowday!!!), and she seemed drugged and consistently pleasant. It seems like a combo of Xanax with some type of muscle relaxer...