Katie Holmes Needs To Check Tom Cruise's Genes Jeans (The Fly, That Is)

Illustration for article titled Katie Holmes Needs To Check Tom Cruises Genes Jeans (The Fly, That Is)

[New York, August 5. Image via Splash.]


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@RocketRockit: If Posh was really wearing Becks' jeans, they'd have to be rolled or she'd be dragging two feet of denim behind her.

However, I'm with you on your first post. I think she's deliberately trying to start a trend, just so she can say that she did (or that magazine editors can say that she did). Because let's face it, aside from her pretty woeful attempts at acting, Katie - like Posh - exists to look good in clothes and start fashion trends. And there's no way she'd have to wear the same pair of pants twice if she didn't want to. The continual reappearance of these particular pair of jeans is too calculated, too obvious.

I get the comfort of the baggy jeans, I love the baggy jeans, they're great. But she doesn't need to wear them over and over and over again.