Last night marked Katie Holmes' broadway debut, in the Arthur Miller play All My Sons at New York's Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. Apparently she wasn't great and the whole thing was kind of marred by a bunch of Scientology protesters. But! At least it was star-studded! Isabella Rossellini, Patricia Clarkson, Lauren Graham and tons more all represented. Sadly, most of them looked dreadful. For some reason strange pants figured prominently. The few Good, the many Bad โ€” after the jump!

The Good:

Patricia Clarkson is like a professional class act.

It's not Mamie Gummer's fault that she looks so much like her mom. And she always looks so cute!


I love how Isabella Rossellini's lipstick says, "don't worry, I know what I'm doing. I want to look slightly like a dowdy bum."


Lauren Graham's looking slightly Minnie Mouse, but this is basically fine and, um, basic.

The Bad:

Aaaa! Aaaa! Again: aaaa!


Jessica Seinfeld's ensemble is confusing without being thought-provoking.

Oy. Katie Finneran's is a lime chiffon nightmare.


Lizbeth Mackay demonstrates how to spoil a LBD.

Can we have a moratorium on bodices like Danielle Ferland's?

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