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Katie Couric's trip to Iraq plunged her network to its worst or second-worst since "1987 or earlier." Her decision to leave the bright, sunshiney feminine realm of morning TV for a grossly inflated contract executives vainly, idiotically hoped would attract new viewers to the traditionally staid, male-anchored and geriatrically-viewed realm of evening network news just keeps wreaking havoc on the television business; a Meredith Viera-helmed "Today" has lost 6.2% of its former viewers. Or maybe it's just that no one wants to watch the war when pretty tennis players are on TV? [USA Today]


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I'd say I told you so...but didn't all of America tell her so? And it's got nothing to do with her being a lady anchor. No one watches network news except old folk. And they wanna see another old man like Rather staring back at them. Now, maybe if they'd asked Betty White!