There are two types of divas: Stressed out women working thankless jobs with caffeine and Ritalin as their only mentors who get called "divas" because they have vaginas, and the grossly overpaid, overentitled bitches who give us all bad names. So what kind of diva is embattled $15-$22 million a year CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric? Well we think we get to hate her now! Not only does a New York magazine cover story repeat and corroborate a hilarious-sickening anecdote about her hairdresser, Mela Murphy, going apeshit when she didn't get a first-class ticket to Jordan and telling the foreign desk they were "lucky to have their jobs", it makes Couric out to be um totally weird herself:

During the tuberculosis story in June, Couric got angry with news editor Jerry Cipriano for using a word she detested—"sputum"—and the staff grew tense when she began slapping him "over and over and over again" on the arm, according to a source familiar with the scene.

Active-aggressive! Also, what the fuck is sputum?

According to a certain unreliable source:

Sputum is matter that is coughed up from the respiratory tract, such as mucus or phlegm, mixed with saliva and then expectorated from the mouth. It can also contain pus, blood, fibrin, bacterial products or other foreign matter.


Yum! Sounds slightly different from the bodily fluid we'd be coughing up if we'd just watched numerous trusted colleagues in our cash-strapped industry get laid off and take pay cuts to accommodate the megasalary of a woman who seems capable only of plundering ratings, but we're not as old as Couric's predecessor/rival Bob Schieffer. Anyway, we're not sure how many Mika Brzezinskis one could hire for $15 million a year, but someone here at Jezebel has at least has as unpronounceable a name!

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