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Katie Couric: "I'm Not That Vain...Just A Little."

Remember earlier this year when Dan Rather accused Katie Couric of "tarting up" CBS News? Um, apparently she's not over it. In the clip above, Katie mocks YouTube footage of Rather in which he spent 20 minutes deciding on whether or not to wear a jacket. Then when she's ready for her close up, she says, "Jeez, don't you think he deserves a little payback? This tart is ready to go!" Oh snap! Katie defends her Rather-esque primping by saying, "I'm not that vain...just a little vain." She also uses the words "bro" and "dude" and apparently wears Uggs. Her teenage daughters must be mortified.

Katie Couric Caught On Camera Mocking Dan Rather's Fashion Frustration [Breitbart]


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OK - i have to admit that I don't find much wrong here...other than she's trying to be cool in that way that all of our hopelessly out-of-touch (but loveable) mothers are (and we will ALL one day be).

My only moment of complete morbidity was when Katie said, "Why didn't you just pull out?"

I really don't need to hear those words coming out of my anchorwoman's mouth. Ever. Seriously. Ew.