Kathy Griffin Stars In Kate Is Enough: The Kate Gosselin Story

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kathy Griffin shared the trailer at left for her (sadly fake) Kate Gosselin biopic. It's probably the only Lifetime movie we've ever wanted to see, especially since Jon Gosselin is played by George Takei.

Later on in the show, while plugging her new memoir, Official Book Club Selection, Kathy ran down the list of which celebrities are and are not speaking to her. (It seems safe to say Kate Gosselin is now in the latter category.) While she's still friends with Lance Bass and Anderson Cooper, it seems Clay Aiken doesn't enjoy the nickname "Gaiken" and Celine Dion doesn't like Kathy implying that she had sex with her husband when she was nine. As for Paula Abdul, Kathy says, "She may not be aware of who she's talking to."


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Kind of off-topic, but even if you've never wanted to see a Lifetime movie, they're re-running Mother May I Sleep With Danger (starring Tori Spelling and Ivan Sergei) this Saturday at 9. It is AMAZING and should not be missed by anyone who loves cheese.