Conservatives have found two (batshit) pharmacists to sue the state of Washington over the state law that requires them to sell the morning-after pill. Because, you know, they're Christian so they think there should be more abortions so they can continue acting like legal abortion is the next Holocaust. We're proud to live in a city where pharmacists are still trying to prevent abortions at all costs, and not the den of conservatism that is... OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON. Um, what!? That's right, the two pharmacists the conservatives found to sue to protect their right to not sell Plan B are not only women, they're from the capital of all things riot grrrl (so maybe they're womyn?).


Um, do girls even have sex with dudes in Olympia? How much do you want to bet these pharmacists are just really mirthless lesbians who can't stand the sight of a girl who just fucked a guy too dumb to put a condom on correctly?Whatever, they work at this Ralph's Thriftway. Prank calls are absolutely not encouraged.

Wash: Pharmacists Sue State Over Rules [Forbes]