Katherine McIntosh is the four-year-old girl in this iconic, Depression era Dorothea Lange photograph, and she says her mother, Florence Owens Thompson, was ashamed that the family's destitution was publicized. McIntosh, now 77, tells CNN, "[Lange] asked my mother if she could take her picture — that ... her name would never be published, but it was to help the people in the plight that we were all in, the hard times. So mother let her take the picture, because she thought it would help…The picture came out in the paper to show the people what hard times was. People was starving in that camp. There was no food. We were ashamed of it. We didn't want no one to know who we were." [CNN]


[Image Library Of Congress]

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Sukie In The Graveyard

My parents have a book about the Great Depression (I believe it was a Reader's Digest Special?).

It has photos of the hardships but also MANY MANY ways that people survived it.

There are stories, recipes, decorating tips and sewing ideas. One man saved a grocery list that his mother made where she was able to feed a family of 5 for $1 a day. (a dollar back then though). Incredibly smart woman.

Because of this book, I think I am less concerned about going hungry or being homeless because of the innovative ways people before us survived. They've already cleared the path that I can follow. For that, I am eternally thankful.

Also, rice and beans - more delicious than one might imagine.