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Katherine Legge Brings the First All-Woman Team to the Indy 500

Illustration for article titled Katherine Legge Brings the First All-Woman Team to the Indy 500

Unless you're a fan of automobiles traveling rapidly around a tilted oval, you probably didn't watch the 96th Indy 500 today. Spoiler alert: Dario Franchitti won. That's a big deal for him, I guess, but someone wins every year and he'd already won twice before. It's not every year, however, that someone has an all-woman crew with her — in fact, it hadn't happened until today, when Katherine Legge, the ninth female driver to qualify for the Indy 500, became the first driver with an all-lady squad.


Wearing a Girl Scout logo on her helmet, Legge said that she hoped to get the message out there that girls should "follow whatever they want to be." She credited her parents with teaching her that she could do anything she damn well wanted, so long as she "really, really" wanted to, even if that anything was driving cars at speeds that would make your skin do that rippling wind-tunnel thing.

Franchitti wins Indy 500 for third time [CNN]

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Dr. Opossum

Every now and then, articles like this one appear in Jezebel about a woman athlete competing against men. I don't want to diminish their accomplishments, but I've yet to read one about a woman who actually wins in such an event. So to Jezebel's sports fans, I am wondering: how many sports are there in which men and women compete against each other on a near-equal level? Could there ever be a time in which women had a decent shot at winning a significant number of auto racing events?