Katherine Heigl Worries Being a Working Mother is Selfish, Calls Herself an Asshole

We haven't seen much of Katherine Heigl lately, but later this month One For The Money — her flick based on the Janet Evanovich bestseller — hits theaters. So she's doing some publicity, including being interviewed by Elle and writing a blog for iVillage. And she's being uncharacteristically (for Hollywood, anyway) honest. Blunt, even.

In the interview with Elle, she says:

I've never really been America's sweetheart... I had 'em for a second thinking maybe I was. And then I opened my mouth, and it was very clear I wasn't. There's so much of my mother's caustic, sarcastic, irreverent take on things. But I also love and embrace it.


But it's her blog entry where the actress really opens up, as she writes about being a working mother. Is she rich, famous, happily married and surrounded by support systems? Yes. But does she feel guilty about her choices? Yes.

No matter how great my intentions, how lofty my goals, how passionate my commitment, I was failing. I was failing my work, I was failing my daughter, I was failing my husband. I was stressed out and exhausted. I was worried and afraid it was all slipping through my fingers no matter how tight my grip. I couldn't appreciate or enjoy the moments with Naleigh because I feared they weren't enough for her and knew they weren't enough for me. I couldn't enjoy the work because I was so distracted by the little being in my trailer waiting for me. I couldn't help but wonder what I had gotten myself into and if the choice I made to be a working mother was the most selfish decision of my life.

Relatable, forthright, no-nonsense? Refreshing! She might even make us forget about such abominations as The Ugly Truth and 27 Dresses. Then again, Heigl's candor is a calculated move, in a way. As she tells Elle:

I'm just that asshole who really wants everyone to like me, and it's a ridiculous goal and it's an impossible goal. But I think if I just keep pushing forward and showing myself through and through, they will see me again for what I really am and not what has been sort of spun about me.


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