Katherine Heigl Is Bringing Sexy Back

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Katherine Heigl has ascended to that level of fame that had previously eluded all members of the really attractive, ludicrously-sympathetic TV doctor club: she is attaching her name to a clothing line. This little nugget of celebrity-sartorial complex dish comes courtesy the Portfolio Magazine website, though not, we are sad to report, from the matchless Lauren Goldstein Crowe, but rather an intrepid reporter named Andrea Chalupa. Andrea Chalupa! And keeping in the almost as classy as us eating Kashi from the box/wearing the same V-neck we wore last Saturday theme (chalupas sound soooo good right now!) theme, the clothing line to which Heigl is attaching her name is a line of SCRUBS. Scrubs!

The four signature styles include "London" for an edgy metropolitan look, "Connecticut" for upscale style and blazer-inspired jackets, "Los Angeles" for "every hip-casual starlet," and "Seattle" for earthy colors and cargo pants. Peaches Uniforms said the new line will be available nationwide in select stores or online and each item will be priced under $25. Now women from the emergency room to dental offices to medical laboratories can express themselves in an array of colors and flattering cuts, and in fabric that's virtually stain proof, the manufacturer says. The C.E.O. of the Dallas-based Peaches Uniforms, Barry Rothschild, calls Heigl a role model for women in the healthcare industry. "Katherine is taking this industry to a whole new level. In the past, the only licensed products for women in healthcare uniforms involved cartoon characters."

Ok, so seriously, we think it's a good idea, but what's up with "edgy metropolitan" scrubs in "flattering cuts"? The classic scrub has enjoyed the best unintentional product placement in, like, the history of the outfits. Julianna Margulies. Christine Lahti. Maura Tierney who reminds us so much of a more attractive Kelly Clarkson. That chick from Bend It Like Beckham who was not annoying Keira Knightley. Mariska Hargitay is about the only actress who would make this fundamentally gross article of clothing any hotter by association. So yeah, Katie, don't let the make those cuts too flattering, yes?

UPDATE: here's a pic from the "collection." Hm. We are underwhelmed. We think that is a good thing for scrubs.

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'Knocked Up' Star's New Baby [Portfolio.com]

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As someone who has, in the past, had to wear scrubs daily, I can attest to the lack of flattering cuts and not-ugly patterns. The department I work in doesn't have a standard-issue scrub color, so it's on us to buy what we want in whatever color we want, but wearing blue, pink, green, gray, black over and over again gets really boring. All the patterns are, like, teddy bears, which is totally unwearable. If they produce more flattering cuts, interesting colors and attractive patterns, I may go back to wearing scrubs to work, I don't care whose name has been slapped on the label.