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Katherine Heigl Completes Adoption; Lindsay Finds Rumor She's Been Committed Funny

Illustration for article titled Katherine Heigl Completes Adoption; Lindsay Finds Rumor Shes Been Committed Funny
  • Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley have completed the adoption of a 10-month-old Korean girl. They named her Nancy Leigh, after Katherine's mother Nancy and sister Margaret Leigh, but she'll go by the nickname Naleigh. [AP]
  • Lindsay Lohan Tweeted today: "Hahahaha my publicist just called me & said she heard I was in a psych ward!!!! Hahaha WHAT IS WRONG with people???? I'm working lol," adding, "BUT that's one I've NEVER heard about myself before! New ones r always interesting huh? There's SO much more going on in the world! Wake up." [People]
  • Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were in Washington, D.C. yesterday on his 41st birthday for the Congressional Hispanic Caucas gala. Back stage President Obama led a group of senators and congressmen in singing "Happy Birthday." "I'm telling you, J.Lo, watch out," said the President. [People]
  • Martha Stewart says of Jessica Simpson losing her dog Daisy when she was snatched by a coyote, "It's pretty sad... She should have watched it more closely, though. She should have been more careful." Martha says Jess should "Get another dog... I think it's very important to get another dog, someone else to love. You just have to find the dog that's the right match for you." Martha's probably right, but that's some pretty harsh advice, considering Jess is still looking for Daisy. [Us]
  • Madonna and Janet Jackson chatted after the VMAs and decided to record a duet as a tribute to Michael Jackson. A source says, "It was a meeting of two great musical minds. Madonna was so impressed with Janet's tribute to Michael that they started talking about how great it would be to honour him by doing something together…There was definitely something very interesting being planned between them." [Ok]
  • As Michael Jackson's will is probated, which could take 1 to 2 years, Katherine Jackson will get an allowance of $26,804 a month along with $60,000 for his children. [TMZ]
  • Kate Major says, "If I could talk to Kate Gosselin, I would definitely, I think we would have a lot in common and I feel badly for her. I think she's definitely taking the high road in this and I'm sure it's very hard and the last thing I would want is for any of his children to see this, but then again, I'm not the parent." [Star]
  • Stephanie Santoro's mom says when her daughter told her she was sleeping with Jon Gosselin, "I said, ‘Stephanie you don't need to get pregnant' and she told me ‘Mom you don't have to worry about that, he told me he after the sextuplets were born he'd had a vasectomy so I didn't need to worry about that.'" [Radar Online]
  • Kate Gosselin and Paula Deen will film the pilot for their talk show Mom Logic this weekend. The plan is to have multiple hosts rotate in and Sandra Bernhard and Tammy Lynn Michaels are up for the job. [Radar]
  • Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley have split up and divorce papers will be filed any day according to a source who adds, "She dumped him and told him she was leaving him. She wants to move on." They have been married for three years. [Extra TV]
  • Kanye West has been nominated for 9 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Maybe Taylor Swift should show up to the awards show on October 27. [AP]
  • Star has pictures of DJ AM and Paris Hilton hugging at a September 2007 party and later Paris went back to his hotel room with a group of people and spent the night. The mag is excited about the prospect of this re-igniting the Paris-Nicole Richie feud. [Star]
  • The "Dancing curse" struck again when Dancing With The Stars contestant Kathy Ireland split the side of her leg open while surfing. Her husband, who is an ER doctor was on duty and stiched her up. She should still be able to compete. [E!]
  • In their new Patrick Swayze cover story, Entertainment Weekly quotes him as saying, "No matter what opinion Hollywood has of you, the fans never forget you if you never forget them." [ONTD]
  • Lake Lure, North Carolina, where Dirty Dancing was filmed, is holding a memorial service for Patrick Swayze at the housing development where some scenes were shot. [AP]
  • Cameron's house from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off is on a list of endangered Illinois landmarks. It's on the market for $2.3 million and may be torn down. [Newser]
  • Dave Coulier owes about $50,000 in back taxes and the IRS has filed a lien against him. [TMZ]
  • Kate Moss is planning to sing at Simon Cowell's birthday party as a surprise (which probably won't be so surprising, considering even we know about it). Kate and Simon ahve been friends for years and she's planning a performance for his 50th birthday party according to a source who says, "It's a toss up between a sexy Marilyn Monroe-style ‘Happy Birthday', or her speciality Lily Allen's 'Not Fair', which she has been practising with her friend Lily." [Ok]
  • Sissy Spacek is joining Big Love. She'll play a powerful D.C. lobbyist next season. [L.A. Times]
  • A copy of the 1996 magazine in which John Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus has sold at auction for $12,713. For some reason he signed "John C. Lennon" even though is middle name was Winston. The actual quote was: "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that; I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now. I don't know which will go first - rock 'n' roll or Christianity." [AP]
  • The designers behind Threeasfour say Yoko Ono was the inspiration for their Spring 2010 collection. Yoko says, "My art and their art, it's very similar. Very elitist, in a way. Very interested in making the good work, but the good work, sometimes people love it but it's not very commercial. I think it's interesting that they are doing something commercial now." []
  • Seth Myers says of writing the Sarah Palin skits for Saturday Night Live last year, "We were a little bit terrified because it was such juicy material we didn't want to let ourselves down by missing on it. We got a fastball last year." He adds, "As a writing staff, we do find it kind of tricky to crack the Obama nut, but I do think we'll get there." [AP]
  • Megan Fox on her sexual power over men: "I don't think you ever get comfortable with it...It's a strange, sort of almost supernatural thing." [People]
  • Evan Rachel Wood says she doesn't know what's going to happen on the next season of True Blood but, "I am waiting just like everyone else to find out. I have no idea what Alan Ball has up his sleeve for me, but he has assured me that it's all going to make sense eventually, so I'm just waiting to see. But I have heard that she's going to get a little more intense and a little scarier because she is pretty diva-ish and bratty right now; she's definitely going to get more in-depth." [She Wired]
  • Chris Meloni says even though Law and Order: SVU's plotlines involve rape and murder, the mood on the set isn't grim. "It's very much akin to the gallows humor that real life homicide detectives resort to. It's a chop-busting extravaganza on set. Among the recurring themes are how often all of us flub our lines and Richard Belzer's inability to hit his mark," he says. [W]
  • People interviewed Kermit the Frog about going to the VMAs with Lady Gaga. He said, "Well, I wouldn't really call it a "date" – at least not if I don't want to end up as a coat for Miss Piggy. Y'see, I just gave Lady Gaga a ride to the VMAs, and when Lady Gaga left her credentials in the limo, I had to bring them to her. (On the off-chance security didn't recognize her. Hey, it could happen.) Of course, after Lady Gaga and I were seen on the red carpet together, well … Miss Piggy got a little jealous. But I definitely did get a ride home – in the trunk!" [People]

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Kate Major has quasi fame in her clutches and is NOT. GOING. TO. LET. IT. GO.

Every news item that has something to do with her reads like Ms. Major standing in the middle of a shopping mall, jumping up and down, and screaming, "HEY! LOOK AT ME! IM A PERSON! HEY! HEY! REMEMBER ME?!"