Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley Get a Surprise Visit From the Celebrity Baby Stork

Lately it seems like not a day goes by without a famous person having a baby, and today's celebrity offspring news came as a total surprise: Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley have adopted another baby, y'all! So what do we know about this new bundle of joy? Not much so far. The baby is reportedly a girl, and her arrival makes their daughter Naleigh, whom they adopted from South Korea in 2009, a big sister.

The National Enquirer reports that this baby is from Louisiana, but there is no word on her name, how old she is, or anything else about her. If they really want to start her off on the wrong foot, they'll name her Kelly Kelley, and then she'll have to spend the rest of her life saying, "No, Kelly with no E, then Kelley with an E." Probably they won't do that, but I guess we'll just have to twiddle our thumbs in anticipation until the happy family decides they want to give us the details. [E!]


Historically, Bobby Brown and his daughter Bobbi Kristina don't have the best relationship, but the two put their differences aside long enough to have lunch together in Manhattan yesterday. They were reportedly seen eating with Brown's girlfriend, Alicia Etheridge, and three other people. The big group might have been enough to diffuse the tension between them, but a source said BK "was on her phone and texting a crazy amount. She didn't seem too thrilled to be there, in all honesty." Though that could realistically describe any 19-year-old out to dinner with their parents. [Us]


Today is Al Pacino's 72nd birthday, but unfortunately it may not be his happiest birthday ever. He injured his eye on the set of his the new movie Stand Up Guys on Monday. He and costar Christopher Walken were filming a gunfight, and Pacino's left eye was struck by an unidentified object—though he wasn't actually in the scene being filmed at the moment. The good news is he won't be starring in a real life version of Scent of a Woman anytime soon, because his vision will be totally fine. [E!]


Continuing with the celebrity baby news, Tamara Mowry and her husband Adam Housley are expecting their first child in November. Her twin sister Tia had her first baby 10 months ago. There's really nothing that makes you feel older than the stars of programs you watched as a youngin' giving birth to babies of their own. [Us]


Not content to let her brother Jack have all the attention for the birth of his brand new baby Pearl, Kelly Osbourne has just adopted a new Pomeranian puppy. Fair warning: the dog has a ridiculously cute face and might send you running to your nearest animal shelter to adopt like 9,000 pets. [People]

  • Lindsay Lohan showed up late to a shoot for her guest appearance on Glee after she had a late night out. Tsk tsk. [TMZ]
  • It's finally here, the moment we've all been waiting for: Jason Trawick has officially been named a co-conservator for Britney Spears. Congratulations to the happy ward and her caretaker. [TMZ]
  • It's safe to say that Justin Bieber's penis is something most of us don't spend much time thinking about, but his fans apparently love to talk about it so much that they've given it a nickname: Jerry! (Jerry?) Justin was asked about this moniker, and he smirked and said, "It's funny. My fans are kind of inappropriate." You know what they say, "Nicknaming someone's private parts is the sincerest form of flattery" or something like that. Ugh. [HuffPo]
  • Despite Star reporting that Katie Holmes was with child, it turns out it's not true. Shocker! [Us]
  • Always wanted to know what it looks like when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wear coordinating outfits and hold hands? Well, consider your dreams fulfilled. Sigh. [OMG]
  • Can't get enough of Katie Couric's sparkling personality? Well, then you'll be pleased to know that she's going to have an online talk show called Katie's Take. It will be on Yahoo starting May 1st. [The Wrap]
  • Be sure to send a note of congratulations to Sean Penn, who today received the 2012 Peace Summit Award for his work in Haiti. [AP]
  • It's been ten years since Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes of TLC died tragically, and if you're in the mood to wander down memory lane, BlackBook has rounded up some lessons we can learn from her, including "If you feel like it, wear condoms on your eyeballs." Amen. [BlackBook]
  • With this gem, Bossip definitely takes the cake for worst use of scare quotes in a headline this week: "Rachel Maddow Talks To Wendy Williams About Lez-Partner 'Susan' And How Good Ice Loves Coco Is For Family Life." Umm, "Susan"? Really? [Bossip]
  • Looking for a way to get famous but don't want to do something illegal or immoral? Well, one girl in Colorado found an excellent solution: Spill yogurt on President Obama. Kolbi Zerbest met the President at a restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, last night, and while she was shaking his hand, some of her yogurt got on him. She was, of course, embarrassed, but the Prez played it cool as ever. He said, "Oh, look it, you got me. You got me." But followed up with, "I'm teasing. That's okay … getting yogurt on the president, you've got a story to tell." And now the world of fame and riches is yours for the taking, Kolbi. First up? Probably a TV movie. [Radar]
  • Save the date: Drew Barrymore will be marrying her fiance Will Kopelman on June 2nd on her Montecito estate, natch. As my mother constantly advises me, you'd better book your plane tickets now before the fares go up. [E!]

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