Katherine Heigl And James Marsden, In The Worst Rom Com You Will Probably Ever Love

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Why, whyyyy oh why am I dying to see 27 Dresses? Better question: why do I so hate myself for wanting to see it? Am I a closet tool of the patriarchy? Or a closet misogynist? Is that the same thing? I bet you've got theories! Anyway, beautiful, wonderful, opinionated, outspoken but not-particularly-controversial, blonde blue-eyed lapsed Mormon Katherine Heigl is interviewed in the Washington Post today. We learn she started smoking shortly after she moved out of her mother's house at age 22. We learn that she is beautiful, wonderful, opinionated, outspoken but not-particularly-controversial (On Knocked Up, bc you haven't heard enough: "My comedy came from the naggy, really ambitious, exaggerated female character. We all know women like that. But it's an exaggeration. I'm not that woman. I'm more the girl who wants to chill with the guys at their pad. Well, not that pad. That pad was disgusting.")...and that she loves her mom almost as much as cigarettes. (On quitting: "I've tried Wellbutrin," a drug also used to treat depression, "which made me really happy while I smoked.") Fine, okay, and then there is the matter of the movie.


In which she is paired with beautiful, talented, OMG so super sweet that two separate of you bitchy commenters corroborated his wonderfulness James Marsden. And I can tell already that this is going to be one of those movies where you leave thinking OMG how awesome would it be if they really were together? Ew.


Please, evolutionary biologists of the world, explain to me exactly how it helps perpetuate the human race to draw me and my legions inexorably to such a cynical, manipulative, retardedly irresistible love story entirely set at weddings. Oh wait, I just answered my own question.

A Puff Of Fresh Air [Washington Post]

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I have to just get this out, RIGHT NOW, so I don't know if anyone's commented about this yet—does this movie have a plot? I don't want to see it, but only because I have no idea what this movie is about. As far as I can gather from the commercials, Heigl is a bridesmaid many times over and has had to buy many ugly dresses, and then keeps them in a closet. At one point she helps a bride pee. She calls Marsden sexy and he says, in a delighted tone of voice, you called me sexy! So where's the tension here? Where's the conflict? There was more drama in the wedding party for the last wedding I was in than there seems to be in this movie...what am I missing?

god I'm bored today, I'm ranting about a movie I will probably never see.