Kates Middleton And Moss Have Inspired British Women To Cover Up More

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According to the New York Daily News, a Parisian fashion company called Georgede surveyed the skirt lengths of Europe (great novel title, BTW) and found that English women wear longer skirts and less revealing tops than the rest of Europe—an average of 10 centimeters longer, specifically. There's speculation that the Duchess of Cambridge's Miss Selfridge-style conservatism has encouraged and inspired everyday Muggle civilians to follow suit, as did a recent Kate Moss interview with Grazia, in which the supermodel lectures the skimpier-clothed British public to ""put it awaaaaaay."


However, this may have less to do with celebrity influence as it does to a national body image problem: the survey, featuring 1,000 women, found that 61% of those aged 35 and over were most self-conscious about their arms while 54% prefer to cover their knees. And yesterday, another survey about British womens' style habits was released by the Daily Mail that stated a whopping 91% of British women would never go out at night without wearing makeup, while 64% said they wouldn't go to work makeupless and 44% would never let a naked-faced photo be Tweeted.

'Would you 'do a Holly Willoughby'? 91% of British women would NEVER go out without wearing make-up' [Daily Mail]
'Is the "Duchess Effect" making women more demure?" [NYDN]



I don't know what the male-to-female ratio is in other European countries, but I've read that men outnumber women in Moldova, and part of the culture shock there is how provocatively the women dress/make themselves up (presumably, to compete for men). Maybe that comes into play with how British women dress? As well as the non-physical qualities that British men look for in women?

Not that any woman, anywhere, SHOULD shape her dress and identity around what her male peers want. I'm just pondering.