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Prince Harry may be fourth in line (soon to be fifth in line) to the throne, but apparently he's number one in our hearts. A new poll of British adults conducted by Pew Newsweek has found that Prince Harry is the most popular royal, yes even more popular than headline machine Kate Middleton.


The royal bad boy scooped up 20% of the votes, Queen Elizabeth II received 17%, Prince William 10%, and Kate Middleton edged her way onto the scoreboard with 9%. Oh, but 32% voted "I don't have a favorite member of the royal family," which is bullshit. I don't believe for a second that the majority of the people really can't pick a favorite royal, but I really don't want to believe that 32% of the voters are pulling that super polite indecisive "it's like choosing between children" crap. Do people think that their choosing one royal over another may drive a wedge between members of the family!? Whose side are you on, commoners of Newsweek!?

But there's some more info on how people felt about Duchess Kate, via PopSugar:

The newest poll helped shed some light on what British adults really think of Kate. Interestingly enough, while Kate was more popular with women, more female respondents than men felt that the duchess was being held back from expressing her opinions. Twenty-two percent of women polled felt that Kate was not allowed to vocalize her opinions enough, while only 15 percent of men felt the same way.


And Kate Middleton was chosen as the second most popular role model for young women, behind Olympic runner Jessica Ennis-Hill. So take that Prince Harry, you dashing heartthrob you. Alright, well I'm off to read Prince Harry fanfic/write Prince Harry fanfic.

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