Kate Spade Sued for Selling 'Sale' Items That Were Never Meant to Be Sold Full Price

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As you hash out your Black Friday attack plan, remember some of the deals you’re getting aren’t actually deals. Specifically, if you’re headed to a Kate Spade outlet, that cute purse shaped like a playing card was never really sold for the higher original price listed on the price tag—the tricks they play, eh?

This type of nefarious advertising has gotten Kate Spade into hot water and now, according to Law360, into court. The company has been hit with a class action lawsuit, filed in California, by shoppers who say they purchased items advertised as 70 percent off that were never meant to be sold for higher than the sale price.

“Upon information and belief, thousands of consumers ... were victims of Kate Spade’s deceptive, misleading and unlawful pricing schemes and thousands more will be deceived if Kate Spade’s practices continue,” the complaint reads.


In the shadow of J.Crew and Saks Off Fifth, Kate Spade joins Michael Kors and T.J. Maxx in the group of retail companies that have been called to task for shady pricing. Once and forever: those who still think outlet stores are selling first-run merchandise at a discounted price are kidding themselves.

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AssFault on the Highway to Hell

Um, if y’all lawyers wanna bring down a handbag company rhyming with Roach Feather Woods that does the same exact thing, I’m sure a number of disgruntled employees would be happy to come forward (for a not-so-discounted price.) Yoohoo! Hi there!