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Kate Plus Eight Is Now Officially Minus Jon

Illustration for article titled emKate Plus Eight/em Is Now Officially Minus Jon

TLC announced today that as of November 2 Jon And Kate Plus 8 will be known as Kate Plus 8. Jon Gosselin will still be on the show occasionally and hasn't been released from his exclusive contract with TLC. [AP]


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Erin Gloria Ryan

It's a good thing that the spouse that stayed with the kids has the name that rhymes with the number of kids that there are.

If it would have been John acting responsible and Kate running around fucking Brody Jenner, they would have had to rename the show "Jon Plus One Plus One Plus One Plus One Plus One Plus One Plus One Plus One."

And "one" would have to be pronounced sort of like "Juan" for it to work, so it would have sounded like Jon was hanging out with a bunch of Mexicans.