Kate Moss: Not-So-Super Role Model To Schoolgirls

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  • Is Kate Moss sending a bad message to Britain's schoolgirls? Some teachers think that England's failure to prosecute Kate for her documented cocaine use in 2005 undermined the country's anti-drug efforts. "Teenagers need to see people who have broken the law suffer the consequences,' said Pat Langham, president of the Girls' Schools Association. [Daily Mail]
  • Don't hate inveterate cads like P. Diddy for having a wandering eye. According to new research from Florida State University, ogling is inevitable — to a degree. [MSNBC]
  • Wondering whether to have kids? Do the math. Two researchers from Duke's business school created a mathematical model that helps women determine the best age to have children. It takes into consideration, career, social and family objectives. [MSNBC]
  • According to a new book called Mommies Who Drink, the secret to sane motherhood is frequent cocktails. My mom could have told you that 25 years ago. [Independent]
  • New statistics show that women are "breaking the stained glass ceiling" and starting to take more jobs as church leaders. Currently no denomination has more than a 25% female clergy. [CBS News]
  • Good news for UK readers: Tory leader David Cameron has vowed to increase the rape conviction rate in England, which is currently the lowest in Europe. Cameron also pledged to get more funding for rape crisis centers. [Daily Mail]
  • Amnesty International helped lead a protest outside the Japanese embassy in London over the women forced into sex slavery by the Japanese military in the 30s and 40s. These former so-called "comfort women" are asking for apologies and reparations from the Japanese government. [Breitbart]

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