Kate Moss Made Emmanuelle Alt's Second-Ever Cover Of Vogue Paris

Illustration for article titled Kate Moss Made Emmanuelle Alts Second-Ever Cover Of iVogue/i Paris

Kate Moss is manhandled by three swarthy (and very objectified) dudes on the just-released May cover of Vogue Paris, the second produced on new editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt's watch. So far, Alt seems to be sticking to the supermodels: her first cover featured Gisele Bündchen. Carine Roitfeld, Alt's predecessor, ran some great Gisele and Kate covers during her tenure, too, but also liked to throw a few unknown models into the mix.

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The photo creeps me out. I hate how 'passive model surrounded by vaguely rapey men' is such a common fashion photography trope. Like, well, almost every single Dolce and Gabbana ad ever.