Kate Moss For Topshop: Still Annoying, But Much More Stylish

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The 3rd installment of Kate Moss's attempt to play "fashion designer" hits Topshop stores and the Internet on October 25 and Ms. Moss debuted the line with one of those repulsive star-studded clusterfucks last night in London. And God help us: The stuff is actually really nice. Moss went for a strange Donna Summers-meets-Daisy Buchanan look for the Christmas season collection and as much as the meeting of those two style concepts seems impossible, based on what we can see it actually works. These are garments much more sophisticated, glamorous and well-conceived than those in Ms. Moss' first go-round (skinny jeans and wife beaters do not high-design make). There's even a hint of naughty, but the best kind of naughty: the kind that's implied when you keep your business covered up and leave everyone else wondering what you've got going on underneath.


We know that, sadly, ads are deceptive because 1) clothes tend to always look good on a professional model and 2) un, Photoshopping, anyone? But seriously - these girls look sophisticated and chic and we really want that dress that Moss herself is wearing. We could do without the fedora (isn't that over already? And if it isn't, why not?) and we're not really sure what to make of the sheer number with the embroidery (and the prominent nipple display), but the rest looks smart. Even the snarksters at The Telegraph agree:

She was spot-on. Heavy on black - which, as every girl and woman knows is THE most flattering colour - the clothes mixed 1920's flapper, Biba and disco diva influences in a manner that was both sassy and sophisticated. Great mini-dresses - which also worked as tunics over wide trousers and leggings - were embellished with fine black sequins and beads. Long, 'hippie' dresses were bias-cut and patchworked in floral and black lace.


Mind-blowingly original? No. But fun and crisp? Definitely. And most of all, as Nina Garcia would purr on Project Runway: It looks expensive.

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@Skinny Bone Jones: Sorry to scare you off w/ my exaggerated Prince love. In all honesty, my love of the Purple One doesn't exceed the extent of seriously considering making the officiant at my wedding recite the spoken intro to 'Let's Go Crazy'.